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Riley's XY Simmental * Fleckvieh Bulls

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Sale Cattle

We've sold down in numbers and are just calving now.  When our calves hit the ground we will get some new pictures up.  Thanks for checking back.

Our Herd Sire!
 XY 06S Born April 4, 2006 Bwt 91 lbs

Bull has been sold but we will have his calves in the spring.

Dam & Sire of XY 06S
dam & sire XY06s.jpg
XY Pooh 25G polled Fullblood Anchor T Metro 4E

2 yr old Dam of XY 01S
XY 13P Sire Anchor T Metro 4E

Riley's XY Simmental Tom & Jo Lee Riley
13009 SW Green Dr, Culver OR 97734
Jo Lee 541-281-4047 & Tom 541-281-4048