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Riley's XY Simmental * Fleckvieh Bulls

Welcome to XY-  Cow Country!

A few of our Simmental Cows grazing on Trout Creek South of Ashwood, OR.

We've been involved with Simmental from early on, working for SBL (the organization headed by Travers Smith who imported Parisien in 1967) from 1971-74.

There are some indications Simmental cattle arrived in the United States before 1900. Simmental were reported as early as 1887 in Illinois, according to one source; in 1895 in New Jersey; and in New York and New Mexico around the 1916-1920. An ad in an 1896 issue of the Breeder's Gazette, published in Chicago, also made reference to "Simmenthal" cattle. Apparently the time wasn't right as they faded from sight or blended into other breeds.

In the '70's you could sell all your fullblood-simmental bulls for $45,000.00.  No longer, but it is nice the market is up some.  If it stays this way we may not all starve to death.

 Our herd was started in 1973, however, we have stayed small, working for others and running our own little fullblood and purebred herd on the side.   For 22 years we  leased ranches (until they sold) and ran a cattle service.  First fitting and showing cattle, mainly for sales, and then pasturing and calving cattle for others.

Now we are on our son's place with what is left of our livestock after getting Tom's knees replaced.  We have spooled up our hoof trimming again as there is a need in the area. 

We used to market our bulls at Cow Palace, selling 19 month old bulls with only one winter's feed in them, and at other consignment sales.  We have been taking care of cattle the last few years, instead of going off to the sales, so are using the world-wide-web and word of mouth.  We are producing "traditional colored"  bulls and females for the purebred and commercial market.  We have a few black ones also, but prefer "Simmental" colored ones ourselves, and really think fullbloods or higher % purebreds breed more true to form.

Our cattle are Fleckvieh influenced with great emphasis on calving ease and muscling.  Check out our Sale Cattle(click here).

Jo Lee also writes some cowboy poetry and some western note and greeting cards that you can check out by clicking 

We'd love to hear from you so drop us a line or give a call email, snail mail or phone.

Please get in touch to offer comments and join our mailing list for sale cattle. 

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Riley's XY Simmental Tom & Jo Lee Riley
13009 SW Green Dr, Culver OR 97734
Jo Lee 541-281-4047 & Tom 541-281-4048